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    Munnar is a town located in the Idduki district of Kerala.  It is a beautiful, peaceful hill station covered with unending expanse of tea plantations is 129 km from Cochin with an altitude ranging from 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level. The name Munar is believed to be derived from the Malayalam/Tamil words Munu (three) and aaru (river), referring to the town's strategic location at the confluence of the Muthirappuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly rivers.  A scruff agglomeration of corrugated iron roofed cottages and tea factories, its centre on the valley floor fails to live up to its tourist office billing as “hill station”, but there’s plenty to enthuse about in the  surrounding mountains, whose lower slopes are carpeted with lush tea gardens and dotted with quaint old colonial bungalows.  Above them, the grassy ridges and crags of the High Range including peninsular India’s highest peak, Ana Mudi (2695m) offer superlative trekking routes, many of which can be tackled in day trips from the town.  It’s easy to see why the pioneering Scottish planters who dev eloped this hidden valley in the 1870s and 1880s felt so at home here.  At an altitude of around 1600m, Moonar enjoys a refreshing climate, with crisp mornings and sunny blue skies in the winter though as with all of Kerala, torrential rains descend during the monsoons.  When the mists clear, the mountain summits form a wild backdrop to the carefully main cured tea plantations below.

   Munnar’s greenery and cool air draws streams of well heeled honeymooners and weekenders from the metropolitan cities of South India.  However, increasing numbers of foreign travelers are stopping here for a few days too, enticed by the superbly scenic bus ride from Periyar, which takes you across the high ridges and lush tropical forests of the Cardamom Hills, or for the equally spectacular climb across the Ghats from Madurai.  Recently seasons have also seen the emergence of some wonderful heritage and home stay accommodation, much of it in restored British bungalows, where you can sip High Range tea on lawns against vistas of rolling estates and mountains.

The Munar Information

     Clustered around the confluence of three mountain streams, Munnar town is a typical hill bazaar of haphazard of three mountain streams, Munner town is a typical hill bazaar of haphazard buildings and congested market streets, which you’ll probably want to escape at the first opportunity.  The one sight of note is the Tea Museum (Tue to sun 9am to 4pm), 2 km northwest of the centre on Nallathany Road, which houses various pieces of old machinery and an exhibition of photos of the area’s tea industry, from the 1880s pioneers to the modern Kanan Devan era under the Tata tea conglomerate.

     The social hub of the colonial period, and an important cultural icon in Munner, the famous High Range club is perched on a balcony overlooking the river on the southeastern edge of town. Indians were only officially permitted to enter the premises as recently as 1948, but these days non members of any race are welcome to visit the typically Raj era building for a round of golf, or to enjoy a gin and tonic served on the lawns by liveried retainers. The clock seems to have stopped ticking somewhere in the late 1940s at the men only bar, whose walls are hung with rows of hunting trophies and topees. The old hats were signed and dated by planters who had survived thirty years of service in the High Range tea estates. Aside from the ban on women in the bar, stiff upper lipped dress codes apply no9 t-shirts or Sandals, and after 7pm on Saturday, men are required to don a dinner jacket and tie.

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